Fine Selection of the Home Care Options

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The care for the elderly by Home Care involves multidisciplinary team composed of several experts. Among them we can highlight geriatricians, nurses, physiotherapists, nutritionists and several other qualified professionals to offer the elders a personalized treatment in the patient’s own home.

This assistance may be provided in the form of treatment or hospitalization. However, regardless of senior care needs, Home Care professionals must ensure their well-being and health. In addition, they must preserve their autonomy.

Still, a Home Care service for the elderly should also mean peace of mind and security for the patient’s family members. This is because due to the rush of everyday life, they may not always be around him.

What are the benefits of home care for the elderly?

The Home Care service offers several advantages and benefits for the senior and their family members. Among them, we can highlight the main ones:

In cases of hospitalization, the oldest does not move away from the family, as happens in nursing homes. This is because the senior is treated at home. For the same reason, you are also less likely to get an infection;

Contact with the family is more comfortable for the patient. This favors a faster recovery;

The Home Care service reduces the overcrowding of hospitals and enables more beds available;

With home care, the patient is not subjected to the stress of having to go to several different offices to receive the necessary treatment. This is because in the Home Care mode, health professionals come to the elder’s house.

What is the difference between the services provided by Home Care professionals and senior caregivers?

The caregivers have certification offered by professional caregivers courses. Although not required, some professionals are also trained in nursing courses.

Despite providing individualized care at the patient’s home, professional caregivers cannot perform various procedures. These include prescribing medications and composing a food routine. In addition, caregivers do not have the necessary support to provide the elder with emergency relief.

Home care companies, on the other hand, are prepared to provide all the support needed to ensure the well-being, safety and quality of life of the oldest person under their care. This is because they have a structure composed of several specialized professionals, such as doctors, nurses, nutritionists, physiotherapists, geriatricians and also caregivers.

In addition, Home Care clinics also offer medical and hospital support materials. In this way, bariatric wheelchairs, beds, oxygen cylinders, crutches, walkers and various other equipments may be offered in cases of home care.

Still, Home Care companies have a 24 hour emergency service. Thus, they offer ambulance transportation to the nearest hospital if the elderly are ill and need to be treated in a hospital environment.

Where To Get Medical Health In Home Care?

At home health care jobs, the first virtual platform dedicated to seniors, you can hire a Home Care medical specialist.

In addition to scheduling your appointment from the comfort of your own home, you can even choose the type of specialty. This is because on our site, several home care professionals are available. Among them it is can highlighted general practitioners, geriatricians, physiotherapists, nutritionists and speech therapists.

In addition, the service can be provided at the comfort of your home or at your preferred location. Still, all the scheduling is done by the site and you can pay for the service by credit card.