How to Use Women’s Rogaine Foam for Receding Hairline?

Unlike the male’s Rogaine liquid, Women’s Rogaine only requires to be used once a day to be reliable. This was especially shown in medical researches of the therapy on women experiencing female pattern loss of hair. Also, it is just available in Canada in a 5 percent minoxidil foam for simplicity of application. In the United States, they likewise sell a 2.5 percent option. The foam is made to damage down with body heat to transfer the active ingredient on the scalp.

How Do You Use Women’s Rogaine?

Use Women’s Rogaine daily in the morning or evening, complying with these actions:

  • Beginning with completely dry scalp and hair. Shampooing is not needed prior to using Women’s Rogaine.
  • Component your hair in the center of your head, then on each side of the part, to make the best use of direct scalp exposure.
  • Rinse your hands with cold water, then dry. This will help keep the foam from liquifying on contact with your skin.
  • Put Female’s Rogaine foam of one cup-half onto a saucer or bowl, utilizing more won’t boost your outcomes.
  • Use the foam straight to the scalp area where you are experiencing hair thinning. Using your fingertips carefully and completely massage therapy, the foam into your scalp, beginning with the back and working forward. Remember, it needs to jump on your scalp, not in your hair, to be effective.
  • Allow it air-dry on your scalp. For Female’s Rogaine to function, it has to remain on your scalp for at the very least four hours. Prevent bathing, extreme sweating, swimming, or splashing in the rain for four hours.
  • Clean your hands with soap, as well as water, and wash the bowl or dish that held the foam.

Why Does Hair Appear to Shed Faster When Initially Making Use of Women’s Rogaine?

You might see a momentary increase in hair shedding during the very first two to six weeks of using Female’s Rogaine. This occurs since a new hair growth cycle is beginning, so the older hairs are being pressed out to give way for the newer, more powerful ones. Consider it like the procedure of losing baby teeth to make room for the adult ones.

Losing must decrease with ongoing therapy. However, if it persists for greater than two weeks, consult your doctor.