Great Choices for the Pain Issues on the Stomach

Chronic or acute, pelvic pain is extremely uncomfortable. If they are sometimes only the manifestation of a punctual digestive problem, they can, depending on the symptoms, be warning signs that should not be neglected. From a capricious transit to peritonitis through a gynecological infection, it takes stock.

In order to establish an accurate diagnosis and appropriate treatment, you will have to answer precisely several questions asked by your doctor. In fact, pains in the lower abdomen require a medical consultation because they can be a symptom of a minor ailment as well as a much more serious one. The precise location, the type and intensity of the pain, the moment of its appearance, the triggers and other signs that accompany it are all indications that can guide the practitioner. The use of Balance CBD can be a perfect solution in the long run now and that is the reason that you can expect the best from it.

Overview of the probable causes of this suffering

Intestinal reasons

Whether gastrointestinal or infectious, pain in the lower abdomen with bloating, constipation or diarrhoea, frequent gas, sometimes fever and nausea may be a sign of many aches and pains intestinal:

  • A gastroenteritis that affects more than one million people a year.

  • Food intolerance such as lactose or gluten.

  • Colitis that is an inflammation of the colon. It is accompanied by chronic or acute pain. Bad eating habits and stress are factors that can explain it.



This acute inflammation of the appendix is ​​recognized by a sharp and brutal pain located in the region below and to the right of the navel. Surgical and urgent intervention is essential. If the appendix breaks, then we would be facing peritonitis. This infection of the peritoneum must be treated in absolute urgency.

Irritable bowel syndrome affects 5 to 15% of the population, mostly women. If this abnormality of the digestive tract, also called functional colopathy, is not serious it is often chronic and very uncomfortable. The use of CBD comes handy there


Intestinal obstruction

Characterized by a partial or total stop of the transit , it can be the symptom of a hernia , a tumour or Crohn’s disease . It requires a visit to the emergency room without thinking twice!

Problems related to the genitals

Although women suffer from pelvic pain more often than men, they are not exempt from it. We take stock.

Gynecological causes

Painful menstruation, uterine fibroma, ovarian cyst, endometriosis, ectopic pregnancy or gynecological cancer may explain pain in the lower abdomen in women. This is why it is essential to consult. There is no reason to suffer thinking that it is normal.

An infectious cause

Chlamydia trachomatis are transmitted during unprotected sex and affect men and women. The presence of this bacterium can be manifested by pelvic pain but unfortunately and in general, it has no symptoms. Hence the importance of protecting yourself by wearing condoms and being tested regularly is there. Untreated, this STI can cause epididymitis in men and salpingitis in women, who may also suffer from infertility.

Other causes of pelvic pain

  • It is important not to forget other reasons that may explain the pain in the lower abdomen

The diagnosis of a urinary infection rarely leaves room for doubt. Burning sensation during urination, pelvic pain and kidney, sometimes fever. The signs of cystitis does not deceive. To be certain and get adequate treatment and finally relieve, we will be prescribed an Ecbu (Cytobacteriological examination of urine).

A pubalgie: this pathology affects between 5 and 18% of athletes but the most sedentary are not spared either. Characterized by pain in the pubic area and groin, it is the result of overworking muscles in this area.