Is headache a sign of a brain tumour? 

The brain tumour is a disease which can be both cancerous or non- cancerous. But in both cases, abnormal growth of cells in the brain occurs. When the tumour grows abnormally large, then it can become a threat to life. This may result in brain damage or even death. But what are the main signs of a brain tumour? This is an important question asked when people know about the brain tumour. As the problem of brain tumour is connected with the brain and head, so most usual sign of brain tumour is a headache. But this leads to a common myth that constant headache occurs due to a brain tumour. Although constant headache is an important sign of brain tumour. The headache may be acute or persistent. There are a lot of more signs of a brain tumour. 

Signs of Brain Tumour 

Constant headache is one of the most significant signs of a brain tumour. But it is not necessary that constant headache surely is a sign of a brain tumour. There are many more reasons which may result in continuous headache, so if someone is facing a continuous headache, then he/she should consult the best oncologist in Noida. 

There are many more signs of a brain tumour which are given below –

  • Muscular symptoms – Difficulty in walking, instability, muscle weakness, weakness of one side, body pain etc.
  • Whole-body – dizziness, fatigue etc.
  • Gastrointestinal – vomiting, stomach pain.
  • Sensory – the reduced sensation of touch
  • Inability to speak
  • Blurred vision

These are all the signs of a brain tumour. So if someone is facing such problems continuously, then he/she must consult a doctor. There are many tests and checkups such as CT scan which will help people in getting confirmed about this problem. After which many surgeries and therapies are available, this will help the people to recover from the issues of brain tumour. There are different types of brain tumours, which is retrieved from various therapies.


We can say that there is a large no. of signs of a brain tumour. The most common symptom of brain tumour is a constant headache. The headache can be acute or persistent. But headaches alone are not the signs of a brain tumour. Signs such as body pain, vomiting, inability to speak are some other sign of brain tumour. The brain tumour can be cancerous, or a brain tumour is an abnormal growth of cells in the brain. This increases the size of the brain and which grows pressure between the skull and the brain. This results in severe headache and hence the constant headache becomes a vital sign of brain tumour. The brain tumour is identified by tests like CT scans after which some surgeries and therapies help people from recovering from a brain tumour. Thus concluding we can say that constant headache is a vital sign of brain tumour, but there are some more signs of brain tumour and at last brain tumour is confirmed only after tests like CT scans.

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