How to Make the Right Choice When Buying an E – Cigarette?

An e-cigarette is a harmless alternative to ordinary cigarettes. By electronic cigarette you can refuse, reduce or simply replace regular cigarettes. It can also serve long-term and highly dependent smokers who cannot endure without nicotine in places where smoking or open flames are prohibited. And they have become more and more since the introduction of strict laws banning smoking in public places. Wicks & Wire Canada is one of the best places where you can find an e cigarette and all kinds of accessories such as vaping kits. Make sure to make the right choice and choose a quality one.

The electronic cigarette as well as the charger’s warranty period is 30 days from the date of initial purchase, no matter where you buy it from. After a few months of continuous use, there may be a slight decrease in the amount of smoke that the cigarette produces.

This is a normal occurrence and is typical of all electronic cigarette models. As a rule, with constant use, it is recommended to replace the atomizer with a new one – every two months and the battery – every four months.

Keep in mind that nicotine content is one of the most important factors and if not appropriate, you are likely to return to normal cigarettes. If you smoke cigarettes with a nicotine content of 0.5, start with a liquid with a nicotine content of 18 mg, as lowering it can lead to an insufficient nicotine craving and bring you back to regular cigarettes. The other important factor is the scent – if you don’t find the right scent from the first time, don’t give up.

The quality of the evaporator is of great importance for the sense of the aroma you evaporate. A cheap evaporator can damage your battery. Therefore, it is recommended that you only shop components from secure stores.


In order for the cigarette to work properly, namely to produce plenty of smoke, the filler must be moist – soaked in nicotine liquid. There are two options here. One is to replace the dried filler with a new one, and the other, the more economical option, is to buy a nicotine fluid and soak it with a dry filler.

One filler can be soaked with liquid for one month, but for this purpose it is necessary to prevent it weekly, otherwise the pad in the filler may darken and, when smoked, may have an unpleasant aroma.

An electronic cigarette is smoked in the palm of your hand, not like a regular cigarette. When choosing an e-cigarette, it is very important to consider that you are buying a product that is crucial to your health.

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