How to Maintain a Great Oral Health?

 The road to good dental health, starting with the dentist’s office, must continue at home. Daily brushing and flossing are the foundations of good oral hygiene. The purpose of daily brushing and flossing is to remove the tartar, which discolors and as a bacterium grows as a layer of plaque on and between the teeth as well as under the gums. Restorative Care Peterborough is here to provide you only the best for your teeth.

Tartar is the primary source of tooth decay and gum disease. If you allow it to accumulate, it can lead to teeth gouging, bleeding gums, destruction of the supporting bone and even tooth loss.

Oral hygiene

How to maintain good tooth appearance by brushing?

The first step is to maintain healthy teeth and gums, requiring no more than 2 minutes. For the outer surfaces of the tooth, place the brush at a 45-degree angle to the gum line. Make light and short movements back and forth against the teeth and gums. Repeat the process of cleaning the chewing gums and the inner teeth surfaces. To clean the inside of the blades, insert the brush from top to bottom and brush them with the tip of the brush. Be sure to go with the brush and along the gums to make sure you reach the back of your teeth. For a finish – brush with tongue and brush to keep your breath fresh.

How often do we change the toothbrush?

It is very important to change the brush as soon as it starts to wear out. This question is individual, but it is nice to change every three months. Recent research shows that the new brush removes 30% more tartar than worn out in three months.

How to use dental floss?

Use about 40 centimeters of thread and loosely wrap it around the middle fingers of both hands. With the thumbs and index fingers, tighten the thread, gently place it down between the teeth, careful with the gum. Twist the thread around the tooth in the shape of a “C”, move it slightly upwards – down the walls of the tooth, but also over the space under the gum. Wrap a new piece of thread after moving on to the next tooth. It is common for the first time the gums to bleed, so don’t worry! After a few days of scrubbing, the bleeding will stop because your gums will become healthier. If bleeding persists – consult your dentist.

According to a recent survey, 2/3 of people do not brush their teeth regularly. Only 33% maintain their oral hygiene and buy regular paste and brush. According to the survey, there are still people who have a uniquely low habit for their dental hygiene. The reasons for this are poor nutrition and failure to observe basic hygiene habits.

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