How to rent RO Water Purifiers in India

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A few days back, there was a big hue & cry about a statement that was made by Nirmala Sitharaman, Finance Minister of India about the slump in the car sales in India. According to the statement, auto sector slowdown was attributed to the renting habits of the millennial generation. Though the statement may not be 100% correct, indeed, the millennial generation does not believe in owning things that require regular maintenance and whose value depreciates over time. Cars, bikes, electronic items, etc. fall in this particular category.

There are some use cases that not only apply to the millennial generation but applies to each one of us. Take a case where a working professional travels to a city for some work, that too for a couple of months. All he needs is the bare minimum necessities in the house. Talking about necessity, many of us forget the necessity of consuming purified water regularly. The human body comprises of 60% water hence it is important to stay hydrated all the time.

Water from cans or other packaged bottles cannot be trusted for purity. You can have the best water purifier in your home but you may not prefer to own a water purifier if you are visiting a city for a few months or staying with your friends. Owning a water purifier also has a recursive expense associated with the repair & maintenance of the water purifier.

A more feasible and economical option is to rent RO water purifier from a trusted brand like LivPure. You can now enjoy purified drinking water by renting RO water purifier from LivPureSmart. The primary reason it is considered economical is that you do not pay anything for renting the purifier. There are no hidden charges i.e. no maintenance, no machine cost, no installation charges, and no security deposit).

It is a solution for the gen-next/smart generation where water purifier rental charges are based on the quantity of water that is consumed from the RO water purifier. You pay for what you consume. There is a saving of approximately Rs. 9,000~Rs. 15,000 per year when compared to owning a water purifier or ordering water jars.

Since the solution is for the smart generation, it has to be technology-enabled. You can monitor the usage of water, purity levels of water, the health of water purifier, etc. using a mobile application that is powered by Heka Technology.

There are different plans in LivPureSmart – Silver Plan that starts at Rs. 350, Gold Plan that starts at Rs. 450, Platinum Plan the starts at Rs. 550, and Titanium Plan that starts at Rs. 650. You can switch to different plans depending on your requirements.

‘Renting’ is gaining pace and renting an RO water purifier from a brand like LivPure ups the entire rental market segment! Since there are major advantages of renting an RO water purifier, many families also prefer doing the same rather than spending more on owning the purifier.

How you ever rented a water purifier? Do leave your experience in the comments section…