Signs a Loved One Needs Help with Addiction

According to public health experts, one out of every 10 people suffers from some type of addiction. Keep in mind though, there are many things a person can be addicted to beyond prescription pills, alcohol, and illicit drugs. For example, a person may become addicted to sex, gambling, pornography, and more. With these somewhat shocking statistics in mind, it’s pretty clear that most people probably know someone who is struggling with addiction.

Unfortunately, some addicts are good at hiding their condition. While this is true, there are still some signs family members and friends can look for to determine if their loved one needs help from the professionals, such as arc portsmouth. Keep reading to learn what some of the signs of addiction are and when to take action.

Changes in Mood

With addicts, their mood may shift quickly from one extreme to another. Usually, this happens without any reasonable explanation. Remember, though, mood swings can be a sign of other disorders, too. The help of an addiction treatment specialist can assess if a family member or friends have a mental health issue that has to be addressed along with the addiction problem.

Fluctuations in Energy Levels and Sleep

Some addicts seem fatigued or lethargic. They may take naps often and appear manic next, where they don’t need any sleep. There are some drugs, such as stimulants, methamphetamines, and cocaine that result in this type of behavior. However, drugs such as benzodiazepines and other depressants will make the individual drowsy.

Evasiveness and Secretiveness

People who are experiencing substance abuse usually act in secretive ways. They may also go to extreme lengths to try to hide their addiction. They may want more privacy and seem evasive when they are asked questions about where they have been or why they are acting in a strange or unusual manner.


Along with being secretive, some addicts will lie to keep others in the dark. Their goal is to keep people out of their business. This is typically done so they can continue their behavior and actions.

Unexplainable Weight Loss or Gain

There are some substances that can interfere with a person’s metabolism and appetite, which can cause a person to eat more than they usually do or burn calories at a much faster rate than normal. Also, an addiction to food, which is virtually always hidden, may lead to serious weight gain as time passes. Also, illicit drugs, including methamphetamines and cocaine, which are linked directly to serious weight loss.

Frequently Absent from Work

Addicts may miss work or school often. This is because they feel bad or just want to spend more time indulging in their addiction. However, most people in this state will begin to neglect their obligations.

When it comes to addiction, there is help available. It is important for a person’s family and friends to take action to ensure that they receive the help needed. Being informed is the best way to ensure that the individual suffering from an addiction gets the help they need.