5 things your face can tell about your health

MRIs and X-Rays are the latest technology to diagnose diseases and ailments that a person faces. But are you aware of what methods people used in ancient times to know all the problems prevailing with them to make a quick diagnosis? There were a lot of factors and symptoms using face being the primary source for them to detect the disease that they are facing. They believed in Ayurvedic teaching known as Face Mapping. They used to observe every part of your face because your face organs are linked with each organ of the body.

Receding Chin and cracked lips

Receding chin is part of the aging process. It shows that you are now aging, and it is known as such in the medical field. It can happen due to a genetic problem. Other known reasons for receding chin is due to Pierre Robin sequence, and one other is Treacher Collins syndrome. This is generally seen in small children who are having breathing problems. Some doctors well suggest wearing the braces that help to bring chin back in place.

Top Factors in Invisible braces costs in Kolkata. The aligner costs vary upon many factors such as:

  • Patient Profile
  • Area or Locality within a kolkata
  • Lab Charges
  • The charges of the dental clinic

Talking of costs of clear aligners in different cities, the Invisible braces in kolkata is quite affordable and pretty much the same, with minor differences, based on the different suburbs of this bustling metro city. While the Orthodontic braces cost in Kolkata ranging from 75,000 to 1,50,000. The exact cost of Invisible Braces in kolkata would lie in the middle of this range

Lips get chapped from increasing time. It would eventually result in excessive dryness or dehydration. It can even lead to many other severe problems than you would have thought of it. If the lip’s condition does not get improved even after the treatment, then the situation could be even worse. It can happen due to overexposure of skin into the sun. It results in the thin white line that gets formed out of the lips.

Pale Skin

It is not an uncommon problem to see discoloration of the skin. People who have a pale shade of skin are better to get checked with anemia. However, you need to pay more attention to this. If you find a pale skin tone, then it is better to consult a doctor right at that time. Paleness can generally be due to a reduction in blood flow and lower oxygen levels in the body. It can also occur due to fewer red blood cells. The other factors in paleness can be environmental that include lack in the exposure to the sun, low blood pressure, and frostbite.

Excessive hair growth

Hair generally grows in large numbers in unwanted places. It thus bothers women for ages. The hair on the face is the utmost concern, and women spend much money and time to get rid of facial hair. Well, it is not only the task of a beautician but also a matter of health. The hair on the face appears coarse, and dark can happen due to hirsutism. This term is associated with male hormones and can also be hereditary. This problem generally occurs in women living in South Asia, Mediterranean, and Middle Eastern descent.


Moles are harmless growth on the human body. But you must take a closer look at it when you see it for the next time. It is an asymmetrical surface that has hair growth inside of it. Also, this ole has a different color and is about 6 millimeters in diameter. You must at least visit a doctor to examine that mole properly. If you have extra moles, then that even helps you to stay younger.