Smartest Options for the Best Sleep

When it is cold there are simple solutions to get it nice and warm. Think of an extra blanket or hot water bottle. But when it is hot, it becomes more difficult. What can you do to have some cooling in hot weather and to sleep comfortably and coolly?

Sleep cool

Fortunately there are several solutions to still sleep cool despite warm nights. Below are tips for sleeping coolly during warm nights:

The prospect of sleeping in the heat on a mattress with a cooling effect is tempting, isn’t it,especially if this mattress is made of cosmic material and is able to give unearthing comfort to the sleeper?

For more than 30 years, a team of scientists and engineers has spent searching for the best material for sleeping. A member of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine and director of the Sleeping for Life Institute in the United States led the research. As a result, he produced the revolutionary material .

It is based on two innovations

  • A highly elastic material with shape memory
  • A prototype of which was developed at NASA to reduce congestion during space flight, and a cooling gel for sleeping.

The cooling mattress pad  on the basis of the material adapt to the contours of the body, gently enveloping all its bends. In this case, the material itself gives the effect of light coolness, creating a comfortable temperature for sleeping. This provides anatomically correct body position during sleep, gives it a feeling of weightlessness and helps relieve tension from painful areas in the back, neck, joints.

The Materials

Cells and gel droplets of innovative material have the same effect as independent springs. So people sleeping together on such a mattress do not disturb each other, even if they turn in their sleep.

  • Moreover, this material is a salvation for allergies. It is environmentally friendly and hypoallergenic. Thanks to the Breeze Cell technology, the material is well ventilated, and silver ion impregnation reliably protects the mattress from mold, bacteria and dust mites.
  • So that not only our body, but also the head can rest with royal comfort, pillows are made on the basis of the material.

As you know, the correct pillow should support the cervical vertebrae during sleep so that the muscles of the upper back and neck, as well as the entire spine, are a straight line. Only in this position, the muscles relax and rest, and the blood fully circulates through our body, delivering all the necessary nutrients to the brain.

Orthopedic and anatomical pillows do the best for this task. As a rule, they have a minus for many they are unusual and uncomfortable. The creators of anatomical pillows managed to overcome this drawback. The pillow perfectly adapts to all physiological features of the body and ensures a healthy and sweet sleep for a tired host.