What Are The Symptoms of Hearing Loss?


Hearing loss affects the life enormously by negatively impacting the quality of life, communications, health, relationships, personality, career, and above all earning one’s own livelihood. It is often difficult to identify the problem at the beginning stage of hearing loss. The problem may manifest in various ways. The symptoms of hearing loss vary based on the severity, from the problem in understanding words occasionally to severe cases of inability to communicate with others. However, the result of hearing loss has many consequences including total social isolation. Contact Audiologie Centre-Ouest to confirm the level of your hearing loss and get all the assistance to manage with your hearing loss.

There are different types of hearing loss as well as different reasons. But the symptoms are almost the same. The common symptoms of hearing loss are (1) watching or listening audio, video, TV, radio etc. with the highest volume, (2) You will find difficulties in understanding speeches particularly in a crowdy and noisy atmosphere, (3) You will get a perception that others are mumbling, (4) while in the phone you will find it difficult to listen to others, (5) you may request people to repeat what they said, (6) You may not be interested in social gatherings and avoid them, (7) You will feel exhausted after attending a social gathering, (8) you feel a ringing or tinnitus in the ear.

The sensorineural hearing loss is the most common type of hearing loss where you may not listen to the high pitch sounds. Generally, elderly or aged people and persons with presbycusis suffer from sensorineural. The persons suffering from high-frequency hearing loss normally do not listen to the voice of young children or female voice. They do not get the sound of a few consonants like she, s, v, f, the, p and find difficult to understand words associated with these consonants. They also do not listen to the birdsongs, timer’s beeping sounds and the sound of the microwave, and the turning signal sounds of the car.

The temporary hearing loss is normally caused due to loud noises like a concert, fireworks or gunshots and occupational loud noise. This hearing lasts only for a few hours or several days and then normal hearing returns. But if the loud noises continue, the temporary hearing loss may turn into a permanent hearing loss. In the permanent hearing loss, the hearing does not return like the temporary hearing loss. The permanent hearing loss normally is caused due to the damage in auditory nerves or the damages in tiny hair cells in the internal ear. In the cases of permanent hearing loss, the best solution is hearing aids.