Tips to find the nearest lab for Antigen test in Delhi

Antigen Test, or what is commonly known as the COVID 19 Disinfection east chicago in, is a method of detecting the viral proteins of the infection. Nasal or throat swabs are taken for samples to test the concentration of the target antigen. It takes around an hour or so to get the results of this rapid test which is why most people sought after this one. Where can one get a rapid Antigen test in Delhi done? Well, it is crucial to find the best and NABL accredited labs for any kind of COVID-19 tests, given the government specified the rule for all clinics and hospitals.

Finding a credible, functional and affordable lab in Delhi for COVID-19 tests is a hectic task. Most clinics are charging a good price for RT-PCR and antibody tests. While the price for rapid tests is the lowest of all, it is still not the same in every clinic. Therefore, one has to discover the best place for the tests without having to pay extra money. Here are a few tips to help find the nearest lab for the rapid Antigen test in Delhi.

Simple Tips To Find The Nearest Lab In Delhi

There is no shortage of COVID-19 testing labs in Delhi with the support of the government and the active working progress of the private clinics. What becomes difficult is standing in long queues to give the sample or not getting a slot booked on the same day. The increasing number of cases in the second wave have worsened the condition. However, one can get some help by following these simple and helpful tips to find a lab. And to book a slot online, click here

Follow The Local Leads By Neighbours

Asking neighbours or friends who live nearby is the most obvious way of finding a lab. They will also suggest the ones that provide reliable and accurate service.

Search “COVID-19 Test Labs Near Me” Online

  • Go to a browser page on a smartphone or computer and search for “Antigen test lab near me”.
  • The names of all the available and functional labs will appear on the screen.
  • Go through the details and verify the address of all the options to identify the closest one.

Take The Help of Mobile Testing Laboratory

  • The mobile testing laboratory facility is also a helpful solution to get the testing lab nearest to one’s house.
  • Many government and private clinics are sending out testing vans around the city and rural areas to reach out to patients who cannot travel to a lab.
  • The service of these labs is much faster than any conventional testing lab for rapid Antigen tests in Delhi.

Call For A Home Collection Service

  • Home collection services are the best alternative to avoid the rush in clinics and sample collection centres.
  • One should opt for this option if the test is for an elderly or potentially infected person. Call any of the nearest and best labs in Delhi and ask them to book a slot for home collection.
  • Some labs may also take urgent testing requests and send a collector right away!

Utilise any of the given tips to find the best and nearest lab for the rapid Antigen testing in Delhi. Most clinics give the test report within an hour or less since these tests take somewhat 30 minutes to confirm the presence of viral antigen in a sample. And if one chooses the right clinic, it is convenient to get the report delivered at home and via email. However, comparing the prices of the labs is important to ensure not paying any money above the justified price.