Weight Lifting Injuries

How to Avoid Injuries while Weight Lifting

Without a doubt the best way to avoid injury when lift weights is to make sure that you are doing the movement correctly. If you start exercising incorrectly and develop bad habits you will certainly get to a point where you get injured.

Correct technique when doing all weight lifting movements is vitally important and this can be done by simply asking a CPT (certified personal trainer) which you will find as part of the service in any gym that you join. Make sure that you are doing the exercise correctly by getting them to watch you do the movement. You can also watch a good bodybuilding training DVD to learn correct form and technique.

Wearing gloves has also been said by some trainers to help, as this will stop any slipping or even dropping of a weight while you are working with it, which could obviously lead to an injury. Although the same must be said for wearing a belt there are a few additions that need to be added.

One should be very weary of using a weight belt too much. This might sound strange if you are just starting out but it can be something that will actually slow down your gains if you wear a weight belt all the time. You should get into the habit of only using a weight belt for very heavy movements.

It is certainly good advice to make sure that you are concentrating when lifting weights. If you want to avoid any injury you should make sure that you are not thinking of anything else when lifting a weight. If you are thinking of something else you are not only wasting your time but you will more than lightly end up injuring yourself.

There are a few other tips that you should be aware of in order to prevent any injuries. It might sound obvious until you slip while lifting a free weight bar and injure yourself. Wearing rubber-soled shoes will avoid the chances of that happening.

Breathing is important if you want to remain injury free. The way that this will work in preventing any injury is by showing you a sense of rhythm in the way that you train. Together with using the correct technique when training you will definitely get results.

Using a spotter who knows what they are doing can be vitally important to avoid getting injured when lifting heavy weights. If you are concentrating on intensity because you want to get results you need to make sure that you are not putting results ahead of safety.

If your spotter that you are using does not know what he or she is doing then you will have to tell them when to help and when to not to help. Although this can be awkward when reaching the point of failure and beyond, but it is certainly a lot better than getting injured.