What Is The Cause Of Plantar Warts And What Can You Do

Plantar warts are annoying changes similar to calluses. They are skin growths, where the cause is a viral infection, that adheres to the top layer of the skin. The medical term is human papillomavirus or HPV.

They are forming a hard layer of the skin and inside you can see black pinpoints, mostly in the center. The localization of plantar warts is on the heel and the bottom of toes.  They develop underneath the skin, and sometimes they can be hard to remove. Because plantar warts can spread, don’t touch them and don’t share your socks and footwear with others.

This is the one possible way that you could get them from your closes friends or family, but in most cases, warts are present at the public pools, gyms, SPA centers where people who have them, walk barefoot. Also, is most likely that warts will develop on your feet if your immune system is weaker, but that is not the rule.

Warts are not a serious condition, but they should be taken care of

What can you do to treat the plantar warts

Did you know that plantar warts can past by themselves? If you have a strong immune system, it can attack the virus, and release you from it. But, unfortunately, that happens rarely and it takes around two years for a wart to go away.

It can also be the opposite scenario. After some time, warts can grow or spread on the other parts of the foot, so it will be better to treat it on time. You can try with duct tape. Put in on the wart and leave it for six days. After that period, remove it and soak your feet for approximately 10 to 15 minutes, and with the emory board debride the skin where the wart is. Repeat a few times until the wart is gone.

This treatment can be effective, but it takes patience and time. Some of the medical treatments can be ones that are applied topically. These medicines are prescribed by the doctor, mostly podiatrist as they are dealing with feet problems. One of the most effective plantar warts treatment from ModPod Podiatry is laser therapy or liquid nitrogen.

There are the different types of treatments that you can discuss with your podiatrist

There are different types of lasers. For example, the pulsed-dye laser is affecting the blood vessels inside the wart, by destroying them. Because wart doesn’t have the source for nutrition, it dies and falls off. The treatment is painless and you can check https://www.modpodpodiatry.com.au/podiatrist-ryde/ to inform more about this treatment. This laser can attack and kill the virus that causes the wart.

Final word

While warts are not a serious danger to a person’s health, they can cause pain and discomfort while standing and walking. Also, the thought that you have contagion virus on your feet that you can spread to others is not so great. So, take some measures to treat warts as soon as possible.