Always Wanted a Nose Job but Not Sure If You Can Afford It

Cosmetic surgery isn’t only for the rich and famous. We surround ourselves with beauty, follow fashion models during shows and admire the Hollywood stars who seem to have no imperfections. The good news is that cosmetic surgery is now accessible to everyone (Affordable Cosmetic Surgery).

About Rhinoplasty in Poland

Prices for the operation range widely depending on the country where the surgery is done, the doctor who performs the operation and the complexity of the procedure. However, if you’ve always wanted a nose job but not sure if you can afford it, you’re in luck.

Cosmetic surgery in Poland is becoming more and more popular. And, although the doctors in Poland are experts in the field and the clinics are equipped with the latest technologies, prices are around 2 or 3 times lower than most of the other European countries.

Nose jobs, also known as rhinoplasty in medical terms, have become common surgeries these days for both men and women. Some patients require the procedure to improve nasal breathing, but most patients undergo rhinoplasty for aesthetic reasons.

Doctors in Poland help patients by correcting nasal humps, irregular nose tips, asymmetric nostrils or curvatures of nose-bridges. Through intra-nasal chiselling, the appearance of your nose will be altered, and you’ll soon enjoy that perfect look you’ve been searching for.

Breakdown of the Procedure in Poland

You’ll benefit for high-quality care while being treated by professional staff in the best clinics in Poland. For rhinoplasty procedures, patients are given a general or local anaesthetic to avoid any pain during the operation.

Depending on whether you’re undergoing open, closed or tip rhinoplasty you’ll undergo different types of incisions. For example, for an open rhinoplasty procedure, the incisions are made on the outer end of your nasal septum.

To reshape the shape or size of your nose, doctors cut the cartilage and bone. However, if you require nose augmentation, for small changes, additional cartilage is removed from your nasal septum or from your ears. However, if the doctors require significant sizes of cartilage, they will use your ribs as the source.

The prices for rhinoplasty in Poland depend on the type of sedation, the method of treatment and the extent of required surgery. You can find highly trained and skilled doctors at clinics such as Coramed, KCM Plastic Surgery Clinic or the Beauty Group and prices range from £1,793 to £2,502.

How long should you stay in Poland?

A rhinoplasty operation usually takes from 1.5 to 3 hours to complete. Once the doctors stitch the incision, place the nasal splints and bandage your nose, you’ll be moved to the recovery room. You’ll be monitored overnight, and if the doctor is happy with your health condition, you’ll be discharged the next day. However, patients should stay in Poland for about 2 weeks after the operation for check-ups. If you underwent open Rhinoplasty surgery, the doctor will remove your stitches after a few days.

Final Thoughts

Rhinoplasty can significantly increase the quality of your lifestyle and appearance. Although the procedure can be done to correct septum deviations and improve your nasal breathing, most patients get rhinoplasty for aesthetic reasons.

So, if you’re looking for affordable but highly professional doctors who can perform rhinoplasty, check out the modern and fully equipped clinics in Poland. Not only will you enjoy the best medical treatments but they’re available at the best prices.